DC's Potomac River Warms UP

Warm enough not to have to wear a sticky wetsuit, at least.
GG from France trying SUP for the first time
Liz and GG had never tried Stand Up Paddling before, so what a better place to launch than at Thompson's Boat House in the Potomac.

The day started out windy with no incoming tide, but by late afternoon, the wind had subsided leaving the water gentle and calm.

Here we are enjoying the eclectic Potomac River during the thores of Springtime in majestic DC.  In the background is Roslyn.
Liz from Peru loves the Potomac

Liz getting a handle of the paddle for the first time.

Historic Georgetown from the River

The Gargantuan Key Bridge overlooking upriver Potomac.  This is the view you get when you lie flat on the board.  In the background is Three Sisters Island where I made my turnaround.

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