Bike New York

Today, I did it -- biked all 5 boroughs of New York, yes all 42 miles with 30,000 cyclists riding car free through the highways, byways and city streets of this Awesome city.

It's a relatively ride (lots of stop and go) through Manhattan, The Bronz, Queens, Brooklyn and yes, Staten Island.

Yes the gorgeous, monumental views of NYC appearing over my handlebars.

 -- Incredible experience.  Jim met me the night before as I spent the night sleeping in my car in Staten Island.  And the finish festival was fantastic at Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island.  Then I drove to Brooklyn to have dinner at Medgar Evers College -- doing the prep work for my Boss to speak there tomorrow -- What a wonderful experience and an inspiring message he delivered.  Great weekend -- met with family -- saw NY City from my 18-speed hybrid, and participated in a great event laced with a wonderful message of inclusion and inspiration.

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