Dachau -- Death Camp

After visiting beautiful and historic Munich, I had the sacred pleasure to visit one of the most notorious and infamous concentration
camps in Germany -- 

Like most places in Munich, 
Dachau most not very well marked.  Why should it be, it was a place where tens of thousands of innocent people were tortured and tens of thousands more died or were subject to cruel and inhumane medical experiments.

I had visited the Holocaust Museum in DC over a dozen times.  Each time, it has moved me to pieces for the night or week, but I knew right away, that this experience would move me for an entire lifetime. 

When you first walk in through the gate, there is a sentence: Arbeit Macht Frei, a German phrase that means: "Work brings Freedom".  What a cruel and conniving lie made up by the unscrupulous Nazi guards.

I had the opportunity to walk through the main building and see the conditions which were so horrible and inhumane. The images were gripping and touched my heart with such pain that during parts of it, I had to pause and reflect on the topic of humanity and what this means to me as a whole.

When I left, I was so glad, I seized the opportunity to visit -- It would be the most memorable and impactful part of my trip, and I knew it would stay with me for the rest of my life

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