Well, I set a personal record for the Marine Corps Marathon Sunday.

But it didn't look that way, the first 8 miles -- it looked pretty bleak, in fact.

The race was packed, bumper to bumper with racers every feet in every direction and you couldn't get past them, even if you went around.

Luckily after mile 8, things started to thin out and I could finally hit my stride.  But was it too late?

I ran so fast, that I actually averaged about 8:30 for the remainder 18.2 miles which I've never done before or knew that I had it in me to do.

And I barely made it sub-Four. Came in at 3:55 (and change) -- a personal record -- Huge drop from last year at 4:19 and an even larger drop from 2 years ago at 5:38.

Also the weather was just lovely in the mid 60s and no rain (but there was wind especially going over the 14th St Bridge). 

I ran with my racing shoes (flats) despite developing humongous blisters in the soles of my feet. My feet were so sore w/ every step but I tried to put that behind me and not think about it.

What did I learn -- next year, get there early so I can be further up front of the starting corral.
And, wear better shoes.

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