On this Grateful Day

"The inputs from those who serve must be threaded with the views from the decision makers on the Hill and molded in with the thoughts and minds of those who we serve."

Veterans Day is full of Reflection. At least during my last 20 years of service it was a day of contemplation and tribute. But this Veterans Day, in a sense is nostalgically new.

It is the first Remembrance day that I am commemorating without the honor of donning a uniform.


This Veterans Day, like anyday, we must try to better understand the diversity of our Armed Forces -- it is full of color, creeds and culture and it is as muti-modal as the Cyberspace World that we thrive in.


It is important that we listen to our judicious soldiers: From the Frontline General to the deck seaman or buck private, their informed inputs from how we strategize the war to the most fundamental aspects of quality of life will shape our Military and our Country here and now.

The inputs from those who serve must be threaded with the views from the decision makers on the Hill and molded in with the thoughts and minds of those who we serve.


This week is especially somber due to the tragedy of Ft Hood. It is unfortunate that the system allowed Hassan to slip through a highly-regarded Uniformed Services medical school and internship at one of our Nation's core hospital for our returning wounded.

Not only had Hassan given a presentation titled "The Koranic World View as it Relates to Muslims in the U.S. Military"in which he recommended that DoD allow Muslim Soldiers the option of being released as "Conscientious objectors."  Hassan had also come to the attention of federal authorities because of internet postings he alleged made discussing suicide bombings and other threats.

Still there is courage under fire. The commendation goes to the immediate and well-managed response by the Ft Hood leadership especially with their full and untethered embrace of social media to inform and inspire.

By that evening on that fateful day, the US Army and LTG Cone was on the horn sending constant snippets of salient information on Twitter that provided welcomed, unbounded peace in a chaotic whirlwind of bitter terror.

As we look forward, we must remember their sacrifices as well as the lessons that their notable acts of humanity afforded. What we do now with the ensuing war against the Taliban, al-Qaeda and those who want to do harm against the country that I call home will determine how joyous or remorseful we commemorate Veterans Day in years to come.

In honor of my three close friends who gave their all, so that we might enjoy what we especially have today:


  1. Very nice!

    Thank you for your service to our country.

    Without strong and dedicated military men and women, we would not have the ability to pursue the fundamental rights of our country of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    With greatest appreciation,

  2. Tammy,

    I wish all Americans were as kind and supportive as you are. I am so glad we are friends and hope to run with you soon.


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