Tribute to the Troops


Marathons is a time to reflect and to remember. While running through Miami Beach, I was presented with a pleasant surprise.


As I ran by 2800 grave sites, I was taken back that each one of these tombs marked a young American who gave their lives so that I could have the freedom to live and run.


I was really touched by the Tribute to the Troops gravesite in Miami Beach. Many of the graves marked young men and women, some who were only half of my age. As I ran past them, I felt spirited and touched by their sacrifice.


During the latter part of the run, I was given a round of applause by some very nice people who were outside with friends and family, dining and supporting the runners.  I was deeply thankful and pleasantly surprised.  But the real applause should go to the brave men and women who gave their all to our country.  That is what I am celebrating today.

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