Haiti: The Crisis Response Triad

This video depicts the compassionate, collaborative work that was the hallmark of the Haiti Response.
Unlike the government's response to Katrina, the Haiti response launched three faces that are collectively known as the
"Crisis Response Triad".
1) WiFi Network (to relief workers)
2) Social Media (Facebook was the primary and most reliable means for Haitians to communicate with their loved ones overseas)
3) Cloud Computing

Perhaps one of the most innovative facets of Cloud Computing is the incorporation of new applications that are built specifically for the immediate needs of the relief workers of Haiti. 
Hundreds of web developers have created new web-based applications (such as, the We Have, We Need project that has been hailed the “Craig’s List” for the crisis in Haiti) that allow for more specific searching or execution of specific relief for Haitians.

Essentially, it’s been able to link relief workers with the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), local Haitians, Haitians abroad, the Haitian Government and other countries to address specific needs and to get them the requisite resources quickly and efficiently.

The paradox of this situation is that the most underdeveloped nation in the Western Hemisphere is the first test bed for the implementation of cloud computing of a grand scale of international reach and premiere caliber.

This is appropriate since Haiti is one country that needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. Since the earthquake is arguably the greatest natural disaster in modern times, the silver lining is that this will be the first time in recent history that a country can be completely rebuilt with the collaboration and supervision of the world’s nations.

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