Capital Crescent Trail Beckons Me

There are many bike trails in bike-friendly DC.  Many of them just go around in circles, never really going any place.  The Capital Crescent Trail actually goes from one signature world-class city to another.

The Capital Crescent Trail is scenic, refreshing and popular with cyclists and joggers alike.

It is paved, easy to follow and there are several stretches of serenity that causes the Georgetown and Bethesda urban setting to peacefully evaporate.

And today, the weather cooled down just enough to allow half of DC get out, to enjoy the leafy trees, the leaf-lined trail and the cool mountain breeze from the spectacular Great Falls and Potomac Gorge. 

So off we went the three of us, the accidental cyclists, enjoying the view, the company, the work-out, and the occasional laughter.

And when we arrived in Bethesda, we laid back, sampled some gelato, tasted some wine and truly appreciated all that life has to offer.

And where did we go for supper -- where else but the Southwest waterfront, where we dined on delicious King Crab legs, jumbo shrimp, oysters, and an aromatic wine from Chile

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  1. oh that was a long route but nice...that was a challenge...love it...