Japanese Students Walk for National Epilepsy

Yokohama Hayato Senior High School during the National Walk for Epilepsy

More than 100 Japanese 10th-grade students from Yokohama Hayato Senior High School in Yokohama, Japan are visiting DC.  The students arrived last week, just two days after the earthquake shook the island nation, creating a tsunami that flooded the east coast.
Their trip is sponsored by Sakura Educational Exchange USA, a Rockville-based nonprofit, and serves as an opportunity for the students to learn about American culture and practice English, 
The students have collected donations for the Japanese Red Cross.  They have really connected with the American students and shared cultures.  The group also planted a tree on the grounds of Rockville High as a symbol of friendship between the two schools.
It's pretty amazing that these Japanese students are moving on in their lives and supporting other worthy initiatives such as the National Walk for Epilepsy  despite experiencing the great tragedy back home.

Despite living thousands of miles away these kids want to make a difference and support the 3 million Americans who live with seizures as well as their friends and family who support them.
The walk has grown to an event with 8000 participants and has raised several million dollars for the cause.

The walk included a pre-rally with music and guests, face-painting and a short, non-competitive, family-oriented walk.

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  1. The high school students were everywhere. I wanted to share some of my photos with them. Perhaps you can forward this gallery. There are many photos of the students throughout the walk.