International Club of DC

Enjoyed the message today at National Community on Scars and forgiveness from Pastor Mark -- found it incredibly profound like all the others over the last few weeks.

Then drove to the Tidal Basin, the partially man-made inlet along the Potomac River between Jefferson and FDR Memorials.

Was amazed at the thousands upon thousands of Cherry trees and even more amazed at the several thousand locals and tourists who flocked to enjoy the beauty.

What was especially nice was the breeze, strong and steadfast and blowing from the south creating waves with white caps along the Basin and Potomac.

What was nicer was that I ran with it on my back and the nice mile and a half from the tip of Hains Point to the west side of Jefferson where I enjoyed socializing and networking with the International Group of DC during their Spring Picnic.

But later on, I felt energized and deprived.  At 10:00 pm after doing work with my roommates, I had to go out for a spin again.  Yes, the Awakenings at Hains Point magically pulled me away.  Even with 35 kts gusting winds, I pressed on the 3.2 mile stretch of road around the point.  It was refreshing, enlightening and definitely addictive.

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