Two Loops Capitol to Lincoln

Today, was a fabulous run day.  It was supposed to rain all day, but thankfully the skies cleared up long enough for me to make two loops around the Capitol (back end by the Supreme Court) to the Lincoln Memorial.  This is total of 9 miles and I must say the longest I've run all year.

Seemed the skies cleared up just perfectly in time because it started to rain just as I crossed the finish line.  Came down in drips then in drabbles.

Ran in my flats and felt real light fast like a gazelle.  Being running every day this week -- I'm exhausted but feeling ready, but for what...

Sometimes, I wonder with my busy workload why I run.  In fact, I could be so busy, not even time to sleep or eat, and I would parcel time out of my hectic schedule to burn a few miles or more.

I run because it makes me happy, gives me energy, releases endorphins naturally, provides me an outlet to think, ponder solve the world's problems, and kick that rock when I want to kick all that, cry and not be publicly disgraced, grimace and scowl at world issues as if I could sweat it all away -- and most important of all, to enjoy God's grace and thankfully stay strong and in shape. 

Since I have never been a skilled athlete all my life, and have twice torn my ACL when playing in group sports, running is something I can do and am not as much prone to injury since I control where I go (unless there's a dog chasing me or I'm running a traffic light and cars are coming my way).

Don't have to worry about blocking that shot or catching that pass -- it's me running amidst everyone else, in the middle of a crowded mall but alone and thinking by myself personally proud of reaching that pinacle that milestone, even if no one else around me cares or even wants to know. It's me, it's mine today and for eternity and it means the world to me, twice over. 

Ran with my new music playlist on my new shuffle (my 5th one I ever owned because the previous four were ditched or lost or perhaps lifted -- no, people, I believe, are honest in this world)

Fast pace music got my heart pumping -- I'm ready to run and roll. Gotta get those sappy, love songs out of there (Carpenters, Air Supply. Elton John).  

Getting ready for the National next Sat.  I'm excited and am running not for a specific cause but for all causes -- and yes, of course -- for myself.  Running is indeed self-centered.

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