Earth Day on the Mall

Earth Day means a lot to me.  One, the River that I pass through each day either over bridge or under river tunnel and runs through the heart of the Nation's Capital has been called one of the most endangered rivers in America.  Polluted stormwater runoff, trash both commercial and residential, an antiquated sewer system and years and years of neglect have besieged and deluged this mucky, murky river, where I have made home -- a legacy that will certainly take a generation to remedy.

Two, in the past, some of the streets and sidewalks along my stomping grounds have become horrendous eyesores washed with trash and litter and there are not enough cans for people to do the right thing and to dispose of waste properly, in containers -- it's as easy as that.

So Earth Day at the Mall touched me personally in many ways.  Both the tree that my friend planted in historic Anacostia, yesterday and touring the EPA People, Prosperity and the Planet (P3) National Sustainable Design Expo would be something that I will always remember.  As part of our weekly Sunday run, we had a chance to visit the Expo tent, and I almost jumped up in joy when I saw my alma mater (UF) showcasing their irrigation project in West Africa.  I was both pleased and very proud at that moment to be a an Earthian, Anacostian and a Gator.

After a couple of loops around the mall in another just perfect weather run -- overcast, mid-60s with not a puff of wind in sight, I had to divert to Arlington to take a mock LSAT test -- Uggh.

Then after the long, treacherous 4 hours of logic reasoning and scantron bubbling, I made my mecca to the Mall to catch the remainder of the Earthday Music Fest, complete with a giant main stage and two LED jumbotrons with crisp, clear video and sound.

It was great to see the Flaming Lips bringing their psychedelic rock to the Mall, and I enjoyed looking around and seeing a sea of people, young and old, awash in a sea of colors:  bright, rich sapphire; soothing ocean and bright azure, all trendy and eco-friendly.

Finally, I was so glad to be a part of Earth Day --the educational displays, the music, and speakers who discussed the environment and creating a green world.

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