Graces Mandarin

Exotic, stylish, surprising -- is all I can muster to say.   My friend and I went there on a spur of the moment because an errand that we had planned to run didn't work out at all -- in fact, it was a complete disaster. So you can say, that we were trying to salvage the night and hoping for the best.

National Harbor was close by, in fact it was the only thing in my mind.

"Why don't we check out Graces," I said.  Hoping against hope that this time, the plan would let me ride.

We found parking just in front. Yes, so far, so good.

As we walked up, the giant glass and steel doors gently opened as if we had enlisted some sort of magical powers, enchanting, inspiring -- our curiosity piqued as we tried to surmise what was left for us to find inside.

We were wowed by the decor: exotic and sexy.  The food, Asian-fusion and spicy, was classy and delectable and the service definitely world class.  Everyone even the guests treated us like we were one of the firsts.

Not to mention the lighting, the spectacular view of the harbor, the River, and the elegant Woodrow Wilson Bridge.

Felt like this was paradise just for the two of us.  The greatest surprise is that I was able to salvage the night -- thank you Graces.

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