The Longest Transition

I was cramping but glad to be on solid beach

I rejoiced when I hit sand -- rejoiced so loud that I could hear myself singing softly.

Then the 250 meter run from the beach to Transition. The run along the beach and then through Wet N Wild park.

Almost made it seem like this particular run was another event in the race.

Yes, Swim, Run, Bike Run.

On the way, my personal photographer was waiting for me. She gave me a quick stand up interview (See YouTube video).

She tried to keep up with me, but I wanted to push ahead now that I was on solid ground.

At Transition, I caught my breath and took a few minutes to ensure my drinks and food was all strapped on. After all, what was a few minutes compared to several hours.

Then I was off on a 56-mile journey through the long, windy streets of the Yucatan peninsular.

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