Shen Yun, So Heavenly, So Divine


The history of China, like it's people, is vast and colorful. So many Dynasties and Emperors were born into this eclectic world. It is no wonder a production such as Shen Yun has come into out lives. It is amazing how no matter what country you go to, religion will always play a major role in its' current affairs.
In 1992 Li Hongzhi founded the Falun Gong system of beliefs. The practice emerged at the end of China's "qigong boom" in the early 1990s as a form of qigong. Falun Gong differs from competing qigong schools through its absence of daily rituals of worship, its greater emphasis on morality, and the purported theological nature of its teachings.


This evening I had the tremendous pleasure to watch one of the greatest shows of this century. Yes, indeed the brilliant and inspiring Shen Yun with the silky, flowing costumes and the incredible classical music -- the amazing tunes and tones coming from the xylophone, the trumpet, the tympanis, the pianist -- all blending together like one smooth piece of cloth, held tightly together by an amazing conductor.


Shen Yun is a magnificent and majestic experience, something that can be shared with one and all. The performance explains the principles of truth, compassion and forebearance. I truly believe that when people are in the midst of such a melodic masterpiece, coupled with a meaningful message, the human body body can become healed, in some cases, from our inflictions and diseases. This is what I'm suggesting. This is an option in attaining not only a peace of mind but a healthy state of life.


It was not the music or the costumes that I came to see. I came to hear the message and to learn the themes that so struck me and left a deep impression on my mind and soul that it took my breath away.

I was deeply moved and inspired by the life story of an innocent family that suffers from persecution, but eventually finds peace in heaven.

Each scene had a different message with a broader implications.


Scenes like this was so emotional, touching and uplifting. I left with a better understanding that life is indeed special and that good is definitely rewarded and evil is punished. One day, I hope Shun Yun performs in mainland China -- the people in this great country need to see this -- their lives will be forever changed.

You will be at peace feeling very spirited watching this, trust me.


  1. Very colorful...maybe the show will venture West.

  2. Cindy,

    Or you should come to DC to watch it. How is the family?