Amazing Stories from NOLA

The whole concept of an aftermath is as strong as you are yourself.  If  you just sit there, and cry about it, you won't get anywhere. 
There are very few things in life that is as physically painful that actually produces so much joy that it's something I LIVE for.


Running is the quintessential sport because it brings so many people together and you are given a priceless opportunity to listen to so many precious stories.


Running is also bout making decision and many of the people I've met have made some amazing decisions


These are the inspiring stories of Noel Carter whose house several blocks from where the levee breached was flooded nearly to the roof.  He eventually evacuated to Memphis and considered moving there permanently, but his love for New Orleans was so immense that he decided to come home and rebuild.


Here is a house just several feet from the levee that was totally destroyed.

The amazing stories of  Melissa Landry a wheelchair athelete, in her first marathon. The following is an excerpt from the blog: www.gorunla.com:

Even though the race day started out typical this was not going to be a typical race.  This race was going to be very special.  For Gene and myself were going to push Melissa (a wheelchair athlete) in her first Marathon!  Three people coming together as one on a journey of inspiration.  As the miles went by Melissa continue to thank us but we thanked her and explain that she was giving us a gift!  She was giving the gift of courage, strength, and a reminder to not give up on your dreams not matter what!   And she was not only giving us this gift she inspired the crowds, the walkers and the runners.  She gave them energy to keep going.  She was a lighthouse of guts! 
  Melissa, Gene and the rest of the Go Run Team from Lake Charles, Louisiana.

The inspiring story of Rob Lowe, a 69-year old man who ran his first marathon despite having Parkinson's.  These stories go to show that even with adversity and disability, you can still push on, overcome and excel.


Noel Carter captured it so succintly and with compassion:

"The whole concept of an aftermath is as strong as you yourself.  If you just sit there and cry about it, you won't get anywhere."

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