Colorful Collage of NOLA

New Orleans Mardi Gras Marathon

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Runners pose with a Costume of a Mardi Gras parade queen as we wrap up the final stretch of the Inaugural Rock-N-Roll Marathon.

One of the neat things about running the race a week after Mardi Gras is the plethora of beads and oranaments hanging from the trees and wrapped around power poles.  In many ways, I felt that Mardi Gras just happened.  The air was definitely festive, and people were out and partying.  New Orleans just experienced a three-part venue smash -- the amazing Superbowl championship, the annual Mardi Gras celebration and the Inaugural Rock-N-Roll Marathon.
Bagpiper in the park.  There was lots of eclectic music in the air ranging from the obligatory Rock-N-Roll, the local jazz and even Scottish Bagpipers in the French Quarter.

Water, Beer of Martini: 

Only in New Orleans, is there beer and martini almost as plenty as water and cytomax.  Here the author had to sample the local watering hole.  Meanwhile the BBQ pits fired up in the background serving up delicious dogs and burgers.  The aroma itself was mouth watering and tempting.

Cheerleaders cheering "GO RUNINDC" gave me all the inspiration I needed to finish up my last mile.

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