Refreshing Central Park


There's nothing like running in Central Park.  A place where you run unfettered and free from life's worries.  A place where running no longer seems a chore but a story -- full of dreams and relished childhood memories given a new lease of life and ready to roam free like the wild ones do.

Central Park is elegant in April and simply majestic in May.  There's so many folks, so many strokes, things are happening all around you that running is no longer sweaty and wet but full of invigorating social energy that never displeases, never leaves you dry.

Particularly attractive is the 106-acre Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir -- the run around it is 1.5 miles and offers spectacular views from all directions.

Sad to say, that I'm going home tomorrow to my own beaten path -- a path along the trail, a path without shade.  But soon, I'll be running Central Park again, running it until my feet runs bare.  Running it until I hear my name.

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