Thai Embassy, Passport DC


I have been to Thailand once in the Navy in 1986.  It is a beautiful country, a land of gorgeous beaches, friendly people, breathtaking views and oh yeah, delicious food.

In 1997, the Thai baht collapsed, and the country had effectively went bankrupt after acquiring a burden of foreign debt.  The crisis spread, effecting virtually all of Southeast Asia and Japan resulting in slumping currencies and stock market.


That is why, I'm troubled to hear about the dissent and revolts by the Red Shirts in Bangkok.  It's ongoing for a couple of months now and the threat of civil war exists.


Let's hope that the Red Shirts and the Thai government continue to dialogue to end this bitter feud that has taken over 20 lives and has seriously impacted the local economy and tourism.


I actually want to return to Thailand to see its natural beauty and to enjoy its rich culture.  It's been nearly 25 years now.  Since flying there is not an option, the next best thing is to spend an entire afternoon at the Royal Thai Embassy in Georgetown as part of Passport DC.  And there's nothing better for the palate than Thai food, I'm absolutely convinced.


I spent more than an afternoon. Once I arrived there, I didn't leave until the evening.  I immersed myself in delicious chicken and rice, noodles, ice candy, and sweet Thai tea.  Listened to the acoustic guitarists and enjoyed the Thai dancers.  Wanted to go back and can't wait until the festivities of the King's Birthday in December.

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