Inaugural DC triathlon

The sun rose over the Potomac River, bathing the water with soft, amber light. The National Anthem was played and the fireboat shot its water canon sending a mist of spray and foam into the murky River once sadly forgotten, but now happily revived.

The Tri was delayed 45 mins and already, it was going to be a hot and muggy day -- I could feel the heat seeping through into my Tri suit -- I would definitely feel the pain during the run.

The Potomac River in June was warm, and when I jumped in, the water felt so refreshing, I felt that I could swim in it forever.  Many people I talk to are aghast that I swam in the Potomac. I tell them that contrary to what you would think, the Potomac is not dirty at all.  The water is fed from the mountains in West Virginia, running nearly 400 miles.  It is only where the river merges with the Anacostia, is where you need to be concerned with.

The whole swim was well marked (every 100 meters) taking us under the awesome arches of the Arlington Memorial Bridge.  Passerbys watched and cheered above us.  Two massive sculptures showing mythic man on immortal horse announced the eastern entrance. The bridge grew amazingly serene as we swam under.

Then we turned sharp and swam towards the Robert E Lee Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery.  The views, even from the water was special and out of this world.

The swim went well, although for a good portion of the race, I was sandwiched in between two other racers, who didn't want to let me pass.  I kept tugging on their feet every 10 strokes until the final leg home, when I could run free.

The swim was great, but I was sure glad to be on dry land.  I caught my breath.  My legs were ready to get into action.

Then there was the bike race -- which I must admit was one of the most beautiful bike courses I've seen for a triathlon.  I was totally at a lost for words -- and I have lived here 9 years.

Very scenic, fast but with lots of sharp 180 degree turns.  There's also a false flat at Rock Creek Park but the views are amazing and so natural -- Unlike nothing I've ever seen in this beautiful town I call home.

The two videos of the entire course are provided in this post (Part 1 is on the top and Part 2 is below)

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