Restoring Sanity: Which Train Will You Board

It was supposed to be another DC Rally, and living here for nine years, I've been to a bunch of them.

But this time, in the midst of a historic and game-changing Midterm elections, this "Restoring Sanity" Rally trumped all the others, including sorry Glen, the highly-political Restoring Honor Rally just two months prior.

As usual, both Colbert and Stewart had full of jokes and tricks, particularly noteworthy was the feud between Cat Stevens singing "Peace Train", and Ozzy Osbourne singing "Crazy Train."

Not able to agree, the two finally settled on the ubiquitous "Love Train."

What is the best thing I like about attending a peace rally -- not the keynote speakers, but the people from different background and faiths coming together to share and to listen. This never happens at other events: Sporting, Concerts, Festivals. Normally, people keep to themselves. At Peace Festivals, People talk and swap stories.


  1. awesome! thanks so much for doing this!

  2. Thanks so much Katy. You guys were the highlight of my day. Did you see the "Saints Come Marching In" video?