TS Nicole: Ode to a Storm

Normally I hate tropical storms. They knock down trees, flood basements and disrupt power.

But now with my newfound love of SUP (Stand-up Paddle), I wait for you at the end of the pier, every day, every single hour.

Tropical Storm Nicole brought strong winds, heavy rain.
I dash out to the water's edge ecstatic, feeling soundly insane.

I crossed the Douglass Bridge and turned right at Nationals Park,
I launched my board at the sparkling Diamond Teague Pier, designed to make the Southeast waterfront spark.

The Anacostia River, grimy, polluted and brown.
Normally I would grimace, my face wrinkled in a wicked frown.

But today I was elated, the wind blowing behind my back
And I paddled gleefully down the Anacostia on a broad reach tack (wind to my starboard quarter)

The trick to running a downwind is to ride the swells and not lose balance. 
It's all about focus, not your skills, strengths or your talents.

Normally swells are long and steady and ragged like a mop.
But today, the swells were gusting and tall, full of ripples and chop.

Soon, I decided to lift my paddle and not work any longer.
As I past by the tail of Hains Point, the paddle as my sail, the winds blew stronger, the waves grew longer.

I shut my eyes, felt the soothing wind and let the river take me home.
I was in Heaven on the Potomac, surrounded by towering swells, just me, the birds, alone.

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  1. Crazy or not, you make that look fun. I will wait until next year to try it out.

    I may also take you up on the stationary bike offer.