Big Bear Bike Sale for Charities

Today I bought a bike, no actually two, and the proceeds, all 100% of it goes to charities!

The first is a Bianchi Mountain bike for an amazing $190. With this bike, I can use as a commuter and even take it with me to NYC on the Bolt Bus.  Lots of people know Bianchi for the road bikes, but they may not be aware that Bianchi was one of the first mountain bike designers.  In 1915, Edoardo Bianchi manufactured a mountain bike in support of the Army Alpine Corps of Italy.

The second bike, a vintage Cannondale aluminum racer for a very good price. I was very glad to know that the money I paid will go to ship donated bikes to Ghana.

Once the bikes arrive in country, the locals work on reconditioning the bikes, creating jobs and taking full ownership and pride in their work.

Now, youths throughout Africa and South and Central America are provided with affordable bicycles for personal transport to work, school and health services.

Since 2005, more than 41,000 bikes have been shipped to countries throughout rural parts of Africa, central America, Haiti and even Afghanistan.

The bikes are used by the indigent as well as by aid workers. Like Nick Colombo said "It's like giving them a car." What a wonderful cause!

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