O Holy Night -- Reflections of Christmas

Maggie Contreras said it best: "If you are going to be in DC, for Christmas, you have to see the the National Christmas Tree.  Otherwise, it's like rejecting Christmas, if you don't go visit it."

I know a lot of people who've been hear for years and have never visited the tree. So if you have never seen the tree, please go visit it.  It doesn't matter how cold it is.  The tree is magical and you could meet amazing people there. And there's something traditional about the trains that brings out the child in you. It surely did for me.

It doesn't matter where in the US you are from. Every state and territory has its own mini tree.  And if you're not from the US, the tree will have a special meaning to you.

Meanwhile, Amy  expressed her views on Christmas succinctly: Christmas is about sharing the idea of love and giving worldwide.  We should see other people as ourselves. We should set everything aside and love everyone unconditionally.

And the biggest miracle of them all: To Pepe, it was the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell.  To him, it was the most perfect Christmas present of all.

Meanwhile soprano prodigy, Jackie Evancho, wows us with her classical crossover, "Oh Holy Night."

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  1. Maggie is right, you need to be cold and cozy for Christmas - you can't celebrate Christmas in the sunshine, it just isn't right.