DMV NY's Eve Century Bike Tour

We are planning for one last event to ring out the decade.  Huray! No, it's not another painful marathon.  It's a century!  Why not end this fantastic decade by riding 100 fabulous miles. How are we going to do it?  By riding 4 loops of the new and symbolic 25 mile DMV loop.  The route will be similar to the Christmas Day Marathon, encompassing DC, Maryland and Virginia and doing a complete loop around the Potomac.

Want to save your legs for NY's eve dancing?  No sweat. You have the option of stopping and resting after each loop or quiting altogether.

  • The first loop will start at 6:00 to end around 8:30. 
  • We will break for 30 mins and go again and end around 11:30.  
  • We will take an hour lunch break and start the third loop at around 12:30.  We hope to finish the third loop by 3:00.  
  • Finally the 4th loop will start around 3:30 to end at 6:00.  
Will we see NY's Eve Festivities?
While riding through Old Town, we will ride through King Street and see the beginnings of First Night Alexandria.

DC: We will stop and see the National Christmas Tree one final time before they take it down for the year.

MD: We will get a chance to see the setup for the NY's Eve festivities at Gaylord Resort in National Harbor.

Expected Pace: 8-10 mph

Here is the DMV loop.

Weather: Cloudy. Highs will be in the upper 40's and we are not expecting high winds.  Looks like a great day to ride 100 miles.

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