American History Museum Grand Opening

Today we went to the National Museum of American History Grand Opening weekend.  

Lots of people and lots of great acts and remembrances.  Displays the historic flag that inspired the national anthem.  Costumed characters wander the halls and great Presidents and Leaders that served and sacrificed to make our Nation the great it is today.

It was about time -- been waiting for over 2 years for the museum to reopen.  Ran by it almost everyday, hoping and waiting for the doors to open soon.

And American History is my favorite museum.  We ran into friends there -- which was a nice, pleasant surprise.  We were supposed to go biking instead, but it was too windy and cold, so the museum was the right warm, cozy place to go.

I'm excited -- now another great museum for me to explore while I run the Mall and a chance to venture into the annals of our ancestors of this Great Country and City.  God Bless DC.

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