Running La Vida Loca

My first full day at Rome. Spent half the day at the Vatican enjoying the museums and the glorious Sistine Chapel in all its glory.

Awe struck by the vivid colors of Michelangelo's paintings!!

Then in the evening had the great luck to catch a Sat night mass at St Peters Basilica with all the pomp from the papal priests and well adorned Swiss guards.

What an inspirational experience--now I was ready to be motivated by a brisk run around the Roman Riverfront.

From St Peters to the River then cross the foot bridge by the little island in the center, then proceed toward Rome's main street, via del Corso.

Via del Corso is typical Roman -- from narrow and cobblestone flanked by Corinthian columns to bustling and vibrant.

On the way, ran across a lot of old ruins and chapels that must have been over a thousand years old. what an amazing juxtaposition of old and young life. This gave me energy.

After the run, I was famished, so I sampled some of the tastiest pizzas I've ever had -- I had 3 portions -- with portapollo mushrooms, chunky tomatoes and zuchini.

Wow, it truly was the best pizza I've ever eaten bar none and now I'm so stuffed, im ready to sleep. Goodnite All.

Heading to the Colisseum 'morrow.  Must need rest to face those gladiators!

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