Lucky Angel aboard Flight 1127 to Germany

You won't believe this wonderful, surprising story happening on such a momentous journey thus far. Well, I met Anastasia back at the end of July when she was flying from Germany to SF. 

This was her first flight to the States and she was coming as an exchange student for 4 months. We sat together from the flight to Stuttgart to Atlanta.  Essentially, I was the first American that she met on this trip, and it was quite an honor to hold that title.

Well now it's Thanksgiving day, 2008, and guess who is aboard the same plane with me.  I was completely floored when I saw her walk down the aisle, smiling.

Yes, Anastasia was flying back and the wonderful, divine coincidence was that we were again on the same flight together.  She remembered me -- even told me that for some strange reason she was thinking of me earlier today before she boarded her first flight from California.

She must be my lucky angel.  She shared with me stories and pictures of her wonderful time with her new friends in SF.  I was so happy to see and hear them -- this was truly my lucky day.

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