Thanksgiving in Atlanta

Today, I flew to Atlanta on the way to Rome and ran the very last part of the Atlanta Thanksgiving Marathon with Jeff through the heart and scenic Atlanta -- one of my favorite cities -- and the one that I have loved since I was a child.

Yes we bandit the run, but considering my flight did not leave DC until 0700, and the Marathon started at 0800, this wasn't bad.

The weather was absolutely superb and the people who ran just as wholesome as hospitable as you might expect.

Then after the run and a cool down, Jeff took me to see the house for the first time and had a very sumptuous and ceremonial Thanksgiving dinner with Liz and family.  

Jeff and I have known each other for a few years since we served in GTMO together.  Shared stories of running in Cuba from the lighthouse to East Caravella and all those wonderful, salty sea stories from back in the day.

Meeting the entire family was a true delight.  It was nice meeting Liz for the very first time (after speaking on the phone for the last 2 plus years) and the children were all very well behaved and impressive.

Liz even asked me to say grace for the entire family which was a deep and true honor.

One of the best Thanksgiving dinners I've had probably since 2001 OEF cruise aboard USS John C. Stennis.

All this and the earlier run and made it to my flight on time to Stuttgart -- wow what a precursor to a joyful and productive trip.

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