Dance Asia after Class

"In life, I've learned when you seek for the thing that's right, you sometimes get what you bargained for and more."


Sitting in class all day can be a challenge especially on a Saturday, when the weather is just beautiful and I am wanderlust and footloose.


Yes, I learned a lot in class, and now it was time to learn from others in the real world. So, immediately after class, I made a Bee line to the Foggy Bottom metro so that I could attend "Dance Asia -- Asia in Movies", where else but in the majestic halls of the the magnificent Kennedy Center as part of the Millennium stage -- the free show 365 days a year.

I had the pleasure to attend the Shen Yun performance earlier this week.

The dances included soundtracks from Blockbusters from Malaysia, Mongolia, China, Indonesia and India (Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire)

Note: Along with Slumdog Millionaire which won eight Academy Awards, Jai Ho who was written by A.R. Rahman won an Academy Award in 2009 for best Original song.


I remember watching Danny Boyle's movie last year. The movie touched me in so many ways that I was twisted and torn. Yes, I was deeply moved by the amazing love story of an indigent, ill educated and illiterate boy who wins the big jackpot and the love of his life -- it was inspiring and uplifting. But I was saddened by the poverty and hopelessness that was so prevalent in the Mumbai slums. This is real life conditions in many places around the world: India, Colombia, China, Vietnam -- and a movie like this does only so much to educate the world of people's plights.

Another part of the movie I found ingenious was how Jamal knows the answers to "Who Wants to be a Millionaire." Certain things have happened to him in his life and the game show just happens to ask questions about those specific things.

And the real reason he is on the show is to get in touch with the girl that he loves but has lost. Jamal is not even there to win the prize money. He just wants to win his girl. In the end, he wins both.

"In life, I've learned when you seek for the thing that's right, you sometimes get what you bargained for and more."


Slumdog is inspiring because like Jamal, it is an unlikely candidate for this grass-roots story taken in the slums of Mumbai to win best picture.

It was also wonderful and truly enriching to see the of Asian dance of my friend through many different forms and fashion. Dance Asia is part of Dance Festival DC which is hosting 50 dance performances at over a dozen venues throughout this city.

Sitting with my Heroin, Wuiping Yap, after the show -- talented, ambitious, full of energy -- what can I say.

Wuiping tells me that the objectives of Dance Asia is to showcase the diversity of Asia through the art of movement -- this truly hit home with me. I was truly touched, inspired, and at times in tears.

Today, I'm a winner because I learned nuggets of truth both in class and in the real world -- the amazing, life-affirming story of a illiterate boy from the slums of Mumbai who wouldn't give up on his quest for love and the elegant beauty and exciting elegance of Asian dance, music and choreography. Yes, I'm inspired and I aspire to make a difference for what's right -- you just may get what you bargained for, and more.

My Goal:

I prefer to serve people and impoverished communities. I want to be the voice of the oppressed to gain sympathy, service and to show the world how inspiring and Monumental one can be.

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