Christmas Eve at our Nation's Front Lawn

My roommates are gone and I'm all alone for Christmas Eve. No regrets. I get to spend Christmas Eve with my friends on Second Life (Read my post on the benefits and drawbacks of Second Life).

The true joy of this special evening: I'm looking forward to spending Christmas Eve at our Nation's front yard -- catching a delightful earful of sweet melody, the wispy, caressing voices of our eclectic vocalists as they sing Yuletide praise to Jesus.

As I enjoy the aromatic tranquility of the Yule log burning, its sweet red embers sending off plume of ash into the cold, romantic night. clouding the sky and the top of the Washington Monument obelisk.

Then when I get my fill, I am off amongst the toot of a model railroad car and the locomotive, I am off for another run around my circuitous path that takes me to Lincoln, to the Capitol and back.

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