Open Water Swim

Today, I went for a swim twice...
Once in the pool:

My routine swim at GWU Lerner Center was incredible. My stroke technique -- crisp; Elbow bend: 90 degrees, Reach: nice and deep; Breathing: every third stroke.

And once in the Reflecting Pool:

Running breathlessly on ice from the reverend WW II to the majestic Lincoln was just plain incredulous. What was unbelievable was that the ice was only just over an inch deep or less in many places. Science and logic were both dispelled this day.

I tried to stay on the white ice and avoid if possible the thinner, transparent ice. Tried hard but on the upteemth time.

Until I could hear the ominous sound of cracking progressing to a major fault directly under my feet. Hear the sound of ice cracking. And I went for a dive in the Reflecting Pool right under the guise of Abe Lincoln.

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