I Found a New Sport


I'm still nursing my IT band injury from my Cancun Half Iron and have been trying to run as much as I can, weather permitting.

What causes the IT band to inflame is whenever my foot bends too far inward after impact, it causes friction and my IT band is not able to stabilize my leg.


A sport like ice skating or running on ice would be ideal because it is low impact and there is little bending from raising my leg and landing.

Running in DC now is challenging -- many of the trails have not been fully cleared. It's also a good idea to cross train especially a sport that will work my quadriceps, buttocks and lower back.

Earlier this year, I read that the Reflecting Pool may one day be removed according to a plan unveiled by the National Park Service.


So I returned to my sacred watering hole -- the Reflecting Pool-- not a soul on the ice. I gave the pool one sweeping view -- it looked solid -- then I dived in.


Today was a little different from the day before. The innovation today -- I brought a soccer ball (a basketball actually) to kick around. By kicking and forwarding a basketball, it is not only more fun, you have to focus. By running faster and having to raise your quads by kicking, you get a totally better workout -- more intense and a lot more interesting. Plus what an innovative way to do my soccer drills.


So I believe I have found a new sport: Ice soccer (on a natural frozen body of water) with the iconic Capitol in the backdrop. Eventually more people and family members decided to join me on the ice. Some looked at me curiously. Some were brave enough to walk across. Others friendly enough to kick along -- it was a great way to meet people too (met Brazilians, Texans, Salvadorians).

I am definitely looking forward to enjoying the rest of the winter in DC, spending a lot of time at the Capitol Reflecting Pool and living the thrill of my new sport -- let's hope the pool stays frozen all winter.


  1. oh no, I hope they don't remove the reflecting pool...ice soccer sounds fun.

  2. Yes, Cindy ice soccer is amazing. Ever played it?