Restoring Honor Rally: Honor the Message, not the Messenger

"It's not the messenger, it's the message."

In my nearly nine years in DC,  I've never seen anything like this on one single afternoon -- dueling rallies at the National Mall, merely a few hundred yards from each other.  It would be a day to reflect on, a day rich with many key messages.

Martin Luther King was a great messenger, a messenger of Hope, A messenger of Love.

Glenn Beck is a conservative radio and TV host who recently accused President Obama of racism.  Personally, I think that is an outrageous comment, but today had nothing to do with politics.  "It has everything to do with God."

Others have also accused Beck of hijacking Dr King's legacy by holding the rally at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, 47 years to the day.  

The size of the crowd at the Mall stretching from the Lincoln past the Washington Monument evoked memories of the Inauguration celebration at the Mall.  I was impressed with the turnout and quite impressed with the message.

The messages from Beck was strong and encouraging.  Beck spoke about the importance of putting our faith back in God.  But according to Beck, his 8-28 message was not a Christian thing, but a God thing.

So Beck did not promote a religion -- it was sort of like a huge non-secular revival with a great message of honor and faith for all.

Beck may be a little insane, but I'm not concerned about the messenger.  I came to hear the message.

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