I want a new sport
One that won't make me sick
One that won't make me crash my car
Or make me feel three feet thick

I found a new sport today.  Yeah, move over running, biking, ice soccer (crazy sport played on the reflecting pool during cold winters when it freezes over).

You start low, kneeling down, water splashing over your knees, then you slowly rise, maintaining your balance.  You grab the oar then rise tall and quietly paddle off.

But the sport is not slow, boring or a complete drag (like shopping for shoes or gift cards)

It is sleek, fast, fun and don't forget fashionable.

Fashionable on a board. Well, it depends on what you're wearing, but Cool -- You Bet!

Soon, you're passing kayaks, ducks and motorists stuck during rush hour on the Francis Scott Key Bridge.

The sun sets, providing reflection on the peaceful river casting a gentle illumination over the Georgetown spires and towers over the University.

Then without ado, I slice through the water as I submerge under the warm cover of the twisting, tidal river.

And then I realize the great potential -- it's just not paddling, it's swimming, too.


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  2. Thanks for turning me on to this Chito! Cool blog too bro...

  3. Thanks Stephen. I knew you would like it.