SUP for Cross Training

Running, Biking, Swimming -- all I needed was another sport. That's why today, after much deliberation, I finally broke down and bought a SUP.

Ok, what's a SUP, some may say. Well, it's the newest multi-water recreation.  It's a Stand up paddle board and it's a lot better than surfing. Why, because you don't have to wait for the wind and you can use it in any body of water, even a pool.

Unique Design
SUP is like walking on water. The way the board is designed, you feel light, move fast, while your feet are partially submerged -- all the way maintaining buoyancy and stability.

Peace Out
It's peaceful, adventurous, stimulating. Face it, life is getting more complicated. Paddling on any body of water, even if it's on the gentle, monotonous Anacostia is Zen Peace -- and we all need that break.

Core Exercise
SUP is also good for your core.  What's that -- your midsection -- the part that joins your upper body with your lower body.  Why is that important.  Because it's the area of the body that gets the least amount of training.   Any sport that is conducted on an unstable surface (SUP, surfing, windsurfing) is ideal for training your core.  Yet, as a triathlete, your core is important to sustain your performance and to injury proof your body.

Cross Training
Quite frankly, biking, swimming and running is not enough.  Improving your flexibility and stability is key to improving your performance.  While standing on the board, you adopt an athletic stance by dropping the hips and keeping the torso upright.  This position actively engages several muscle groups: hip flexors, quadriceps, glutes, etc.  And since water is unstable, your body will work harder and burn more calories while maintaining balance.

So want to do better in your next triathlon, try paddle boarding...

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