Apollo's First 8k

Busy Saturday.  After cultural Fiesta Asia and working on getting my contractor prepped to install a new concrete floor for my bathroom, I was all pumped up to support DC Capital Striders, Back on My Feet and High Cloud with their annual 8K.  Since Apollo wanted to get some fresh air, I decided to bring him along.  Little did I expect him to be the star of the show.
Apollo loves children
Adriana (High Cloud) with Apollo
Apollo w/ Hudson
I came to volunteer, but after due to the great attendance and plethora of volunteers, I decided to take Apollo out for his first 8K.  I knew he would enjoy it since Apollo loves to go out on a spin on my road bike.
Rick Amernick with Apollo

Autumn w/ Apollo


  1. Love the picture of Miles and Apollo!! I uploaded a cute one of them together on my FB page :)

    I remember seeing you running during the race because of your RunDC shirt - I completely did not even notice he was on your shoulder. So cool!

  2. Yes, it was a classic Dorothy. They were both so cute together!
    Thx, chito