EU Embassy Open House: "Rockin' Robin"

EU Embassy Open House, 2011. While last year, was Beatle mania, this year, we decided to sing an old school favorite "Rockin' Robin" by Bobby Day and of course, the Jackson 5. This year, embassies from Austria, Ireland, Finland, Slovakia, Portugal, Estonia, Austria, and Latvia participated. While on the way to NYC, I was also able to get a couple new friends from Spain and Brazil to sing along. I was also blessed to meet a group from World Harmony Run who sang their tune for me. What was challenging was the fact, that I had to script, direct, produce and edit by myself, and with the illustrious help of my best friend, Apollo.

Special credits also to Jackson 5 and Megan Joy Cochran.  My sincere gratitude to the EU Delegation and all the Embassies who actively participated (again at the very last minute).

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