Sing a Song @ Royal Thai Embassy

After a very successful production last week with the EU Embassies, I was ready to take on Passport DC.  Except this time, I didn't have a song.  That's when Karen Carpenter stepped in.

After the rain had subsided, I headed out to the Royal Thai Embassy @ Georgetown to "Sing a Song" with a 100 new international friends and my sidekick parrot, Apollo, and yes once again on my trusty Cannondale  road bike.

After a dozen takes of Sing a Song, I left the Embassy feeling grateful for an amazingly productive day.  When I returned to my car, I was aghast to see that my Nikon D5100 was no where to be found.  Was I that forgetful?  Did I get overcome by events? Worse, Apollo, my trusty assistant,  didn't even remind me.

I rushed back to the Embassy, only to find out that no one had seen it and the Embassy was getting ready to close.  I was feeling dejected.  I had set it down on the wall by the flagpole.  Likely someone had grabbed it and ran off with a $1,000 camera.

Worst of all, the wonderful footage and all the great folks who sang and danced for me was now forever gone.

I immediately returned home and typed out this email:

Dear Embassy Staff,
Thank you very much for accommodating me yesterday. I had a wonderful time and the entire event was very well organized.
Your staff was extremely friendly and I learned a great deal about the Thai culture.
When I was filming outside the Embassy Grounds (on the sidewalk), I left my Nikon D5100 camera on the wall.  When I returned to my car, I realized it and quickly returned to the Embassy.  Unfortunately, it was gone.  Did anyone find the camera?

I waited two days, and no response.  I had totally given up hope.  Then came this email on Wed afternoon.  I was floored...

Dear Chito,

We found it and waiting for someone to contact. Please call me to pick it up.

Property & Security Manager

I jumped up from my chair.  I had never felt so relieved.  So why did we choose "Sing a Song" by the Carpenters when it had nothing to do with the theme of Cultural DC.

In fact, this international classic sang by people from all over the world is exactly about love and cultural awareness.

The Carpenters sang this beautiful song all over the world as a sign of unity for the whole family.  After all, the meaning of a song is how you interpret it.

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