Capital Connection '11: New Venture in DC

A relevant question was asked at Capital Connection '11:  "Is the startup world in a bubble?"  Recently President Obama appointed Steve Case to chair the Startup America Partnership as part of an effort to to increase private sector investment in new business ventures.

Big companies have an infusion of cash and are looking for places to invest them in.  The Administration believes that investing in startups will help grow the economy and create jobs.

 The short answer: No, but we're watching. But this shouldn't be our concern.  If entrepreneurs have a great idea, a solid team and a airtight business model, then that should be their focus.  Smart entrepreneurs should take advantage of the market expansion that we are experiencing.  They did not give up during the down market , but continued to press on developing Web 2.0.

Today, the business model is more clear than it was in the late 90's.  Co-Founders have more experience and strong, established cities like Baltimore and DC have built strong launching points for start-ups in the federal region.

Aaron Batalion, CTO and Co-Founder of Living Social said it well:

"If you aren't nervous, then you aren't trying hard enough."
Here is the first part of his presentation at Capital Connection 11.

If you allow yourself to make mistakes, you'll learn something important and move on.

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