Baby, We were born to Run

"'Cause tramps like us, baby we were Born to Run."
Today is the second day, I've explored the wonderful world of five fingers and it's almost like being born again.

Running is the most rudimentary form of exercise.  Human beings were made by God to run -- we had to in order to hunt wildlife and to run from prey.  If we couldn't or we fell to injuries, we would be weeded out.

As a result, God ensured that our bodies (feet, calves, thighs, glutes) would be able to both support and tolerate high levels of running.  Running is painful, God ensured that we would be able to sustain it by providing the joyful release of endorphins to make running less painful, more enjoyable and habitual.

God also provided us our feet.  Over time, our soles, our pads and our toes evolved to support mankind to run both long distances and at high speeds.  We had to catch that gazelle or we wouldn't eat.

Running with Five Fingers allows us to utilize the design and mechanics of our feet naturally without unnecessary arch support but with enough protection against glass, rocks and other objects.

A question I asked is what if I over or underpronate.  Since I have very low arches, I tend to overpronate. Still I have been running with very low stability for 3 years.  I have been running with the Brooks Axiom and now its replacement, the Ravenna which has more foam and is just as comfortable as the Axiom.

So despite my overpronation, it is not a bad thing.  Does that mean, I can't run with the Fivefingers?  I guess time will tell.

After all like what Christoper McDougall, author of Born to Run said, "How is it that we are spending thousands of dollars on footware that has been refined for the last 35 years and still sustain major injuries?"

BTW, Born to Run is a masterpiece -- a book that has defined running now and for future generations.  His book covers thousands of years and is as cutting edge and old as our genes.

Like Bruce Springstein said,  "'Cause tramps like us, baby we were Born to Run."

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