A Day of First on the Healthy Potomac

There's a first time for everything and today was definitely a day of firsts.

First, I joined the wonderful world of Five Fingers.  I purchased these so I can go paddle boarding (walking on rocks along the river's edge and to maintain a good grip onboard).

But I also did my first run with the Five Fingers.  I was able to connect with the earth beneath me, feeling liberating and invigorating.  But after several hundred yards, my feet started to feel sore.  That's when I shelved them for the next day.

The next first was the first time I went paddling, swimming, biking and running back-to-back.  The swim was in the Potomac upstream of Key Bridge around the rock islands was fresh and invigorating.

Interestingly, earlier that day, I posted on my facebook that I would be swimming in the Potomac.  I had a lot of my friends comment about either the pollution or the sharks.  Back in 1969, the Potomac was deemed a "severe threat to the health of anyone coming into contact with it."

But today, improvements at Washington's Blue Plains sewage plant has cut down on choking and unnatural algae blooms (which blocked sunlight from reaching the bottom) and native plants such as grasses have made a rebound.

Now, the Potomac is teeming with fish and blue crabs.  While I was swimming my loop, these friendly boaters called"Bosox" offered me a beer which I gladly accepted.

Yes, another first: Run, Paddle, Swim, BEER, Bike.

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