The Nation's Tri -- Will it be Fenty's Last (as Mayor)?

"Whatever you do, don't pass the Mayor"

The Nation's Triathlon was my first tri three years ago, so it will always be near and dear my heart (both for endearment and agony).  The Nation's introduced me to cycling as a sport, opened up the Potomac River as a vast treasure trove for swimming and SUP (Stand up Paddling), and most of all introduced me to a whole host of wonderful friends who are excited about endurance sports and what it can offer to DC and the rest of the country.

And we are making advances -- For the third year in a row, DC was ranked the Fittest City in the US by the American College of Sports Medicine (ASCM) -- I hope I made my small but significant contribution to this ranking.

I remember seeing Adrian Fenty at a debate with Vincent Gray in the St Elizabeths campus a month ago.    I commented about how he has passed me at the Inaugural DC tri and asked him if he was going to run the Nation's, and he responded adamantly, yes.  His love for the sport and event clearly showed in his excitement.

Then he said, "Whatever you do, don't pass the Mayor."  That wouldn't be an issue if you saw my PR, but his brash, ambitious style clearly showed through.  

Fenty is a hard charger.  I have to give Adrian credit for continuing his strict training regimen during a very challenging campaign  less than 48 hours before Primary boxes open.  And his slow finish time, well off his PR (2:17) earlier this summer, clearly showed that he had not been training as rigorously as usually does -- but still the Mayor paid his respects to the race sacrificing his performance.

And Adrian is committed to making DC more recreation friendly and the epitome of a health and fitness city for all the world to see. 

Despite, Fenty's remarkable progress not just making our city more livable (streetcar project, bike lanes, etc), we are clearly heading in the right direction in terms of schools, crime, budget, etc.  I  understand why voters, particularly in the community where I live (Ward 8) are up in arms.  For the last four years, Fenty didn't listen, betrayed his message and lost his core base.  His leadership style contradicted the fundamental precept of RUNIN (Researching, Understanding, Negotiating...)

Fenty's recognition as the World's Fittest Mayor has helped his sports image but may have further alienated some residents who accuse him of being arrogant and aloof.  My response to those who feel this way, compare him to Marion Barry who instead of racing tris, chased women and instead of getting up early in the morning to go for a run, stayed up late smoking crack.

Could this be Adrian's last triathlon as the Mayor.  I surely hope not, but if it is, kudos to him for completing a fantastic term.
His accomplishments for our city has been legendary and we will certainly reap the benefits in a myriad of areas for years to come.

While Gray is taking advantage of Sunday making the church circuit, Fenty is paying a homage to an event and sport that has revolutionized this city.

Thanks Adrian for a great run.  And no, I'll never pass you Mayor, or not.

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