Political Sports-Crazed Town called DC

"A day in the life of this crazy, cultural and conservative city is like a firestorm. 
DC never fails to amaze me."

Only in DC, will you see an internationally-acclaimed triathlon occur right next to a major political protest, and nothing seems out of place.
Many of the reenactors wore colonial-era clothing

With the primary election coming up and Glen Beck's historic rally just two weeks ago, Sept 12th marked another well-attended Tea Party rally.  The crowd didn't care about the morning drizzle, and they surely wasn't concerned about the record-breaking Triathlon.

There was not much moral support going on. Interestingly, some of the Triathletes were competitively jeering at the protesters and vice versa.

Everyday, I live and thrive in this unique, culturally-entertaining city, DC never fails to amaze me.

Oh, BTW, also in DC that weekend was the Black Family Reunion and the Mexico Festival at the Kennedy Center.

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