Speechless over Baby Goats

Last night I went out on a charity date.  Yes, the date went well, and yes, I did not monopolize the talking.

But there was something special that completely left me speechless.  No, it wasn't the cocktail at Zola's, although I did look around to see if there were any double-agents spying on us.

It was the dinner we had at Poste Moderne Brasserie.  Set in the center of the Monaco Hotel, the decor is a blend of French European and yes, simple Washingtonian.

PMB is known by the local Washingtonians as the "restaurant with the amazing courtyard."  It is both private intimate and warm cordial.  It's whatever you want, weather cooperating or not.  It is pricey (dinner for two -- $75), classy and the decor is very seasonal.

Lucky for us, the weather was pleasant and my date didn't feel like staring at college football from one of the big screens so we sat outside and enjoyed listening to crickets and the roaring rotors of the Metropolitan Police overhead shining their spotlights at bandits.  Maybe it was the Capitol Police looking for thugs brandishing weapons.  Whatever it was, it was noisy so we had to keep on talking to drown it out.

But all kidding aside, what we had for dinner was simply amazing. left me speechless.  Well, honestly, what my date had for dinner. I had opted for the Roasted Rabbit.  Serves me right for dining on adorable pets.

Well, the one bite I took from my date's plate was all I needed to fall head over heels.

Roasted Cappretto (baby goat) was moist, creamy, spicy, succulent. I could taste the tender meat, the tangy spices and the sweet juices one by one.  Then mixing it with a sip of chardonnay was simply heaven-like.  Oh, for all those Greenies out there, did I mention that the kid came from an eco-friendly farm?

I tried my damndest to pry a second bite, but by then my date was looking at me with resentful eyes, and I wanted to make that good and lasting impression.

So where am I going next time I want to impress a date?  To Poste Moderne Brasserie and order the Cappretto of course.  And this time, spare the helo noise and sit inside.

Next, where we went for Desert: Cupcakes -- read about it here.

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