Polar Bear Plunge at National Harbor

Have you thought about going out today?  Or are you like me at home by the furnace, with a nice warm cup of chai tea and surfing the net.  Today being DC's most frigid day of the year, many avid Polar Bears decided to go out without barely anything on at all, and what take the heck, take a screaming running splash into the frosty Potomac.  Ok, some didn't have to get too, too wet.  Many just waded into the water until their knee caps or maybe even belly buttons touched the water.

But why saunter out at all?  Insane?  Perhaps, but it's all for a worthy cause. Polar Bear Plunges raise money and awareness and in this case supported the Chesapeake Climate Action Group.  And what's their noteworthy mission: To fight climate change in the DMV.

After the dip, many of the Polar Bears warmed up at the heated tents with warm Apple Cider.  Then it was off to Bonds or the National Pastime to laugh about the frivolity of it all.  After all, the idea was to raise awareness for our climate and to protect our beloved bears from going into deep freeze.  And what was more exciting than dipping in water that was below freezing, riding to the National Harbor on bikes from Capital Bikeshares from DC.

Photos compliment of National Harbor Media Relations

For me, my type of fun on this chilly day is to visit the National  Swap Day at Mount Pleasant.  I have plenty of old sweaters and rarely used jackets I need to swap for a nice pair of long johns.

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