The Service of the Shrivers: Best Buddies

circa, 1962 (Wikipedia)
Today we lost a great American hero: Robert Sargent Shriver.  He was a heroic statesman, the driving force behind the Peace Corps and a wonderful husband of Eunice Kennedy Shriver.

Last year, I was blessed to be a small but life-impacting part of the 2010 Eunice Kennedy Shriver Challenge serving the Best Buddies organization.  I was also delighted to meet Michelle Kwan in person.  This was not the first time I met her.  I had seen her onboard the USS John C. Stennis during the 2001 Pearl Harbor Premiere in Hawaii.

Although, I did not actively participate, I stopped by and got to meet new friends as well as welcome old ways.

Here is the video. Late but still pertinent and I hope it moves you to make some difference in people's lives. This post is months late, but it's never too late to serve, to make new friends and to challenge each other so we can perform our best.

Also featured on this blog are one of the most accomplished athletes of all time: Carl Lewis.

It was great to see David Archuleta perform for us.

This beautiful portrait is displayed at the National Portrait Gallery

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