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  • schierholz
    What a stimulating day, spanning social media with #L2socialgraph to medicinal recipes during Shakespeare's time!

Are you reading this blog from your desk or outside your doorway?  Studies show that more people in three years will be surfing the Internet from their mobile phones than from the desktop computers. It’s mostly driven by emerging markets that are skipping computers altogether and adopting handheld PDAs as their primary tool, according to Scott Galloway, the founder of L2, a Think Tank for Digital Innovation.

gwbusinessRT @yianniak: More people will be surfing the web on their phone or tablet -- than they do on a computer within 3 years! -#l2socialgraph

Today, social media experts from the government and private sectors assembled at the social enterprising George Washington University to engage in stimulating discussions on the constantly evolving future of social media.

  • “Social media and other online strategies are critical tools that public sector organizations use to encourage transparency, engage constituents and serve the public in an era of cost cutting,” said Dean Doug Guthrie. “Our leaders and public sector organizations need to embrace these powerful new tools.”

  • A college setting is the ideal location for such a dialogue because Facebook and Twitter are proving to be popular places for networking and promotion:
    RT @yianniak: Young affluents are 2x likely to be on #facebook that to WATCH #tv#L2socialgraph
    After all, more and more students are tweeting in class and sharing notes and observations about the lecture with each other (yes, during class).  

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    3rd session of the #L2SocialGraphevent was great! All sessions have been, but insights from NASA, Nature Conservancy & Navy were awesome!
In the MBA school, we've heard of financial IQ.  But how about Digital IQ, both a qualitative and quantitative value that has a strong correlation with adding stakeholder value.  

In the public sector, NASA takes the lead.

A joint study by both the George Washington and New York University business schools (and presented by L2) ranked 100 public sector organizations on its Digital IQ index.

This index looked at the website, digital marketing, social media and mobile compatibility.

While it may not be a giant leap for mankind, a year ago astronaut T.J. Creamer sent the very first live tweet from space.

Stephanie Schierholz, NASA's first Social Media Manager, touted her organization's ingenious collaboration with Godwalla, Four Sqare and other sites.

Another brilliant use of Twitter is the NASA Tweetup.  Last year, 150 of its Twitter followers were provided with access to the Kennedy Space Center to get a close-up view of the shuttle launch.

NASA has only two more shuttle launches left.  Click here to follow NASA for future tweetups.

NASA is doing the right thing.  The more socially engaged you are, the greater amount of return you will receive from your stakeholders.

Here is a compilation of a few insightful tweets from the attendees.

RT @schierholz: Advice to communicators using social media: think in terms of consumption of useful information vs output of news

  • schierholz
    The Tea Party has more "likes" on Facebook than the DNC and RNC combined. "Gravitation toward ends of spectrum." #L2socialgraph

DC Facebook lobbyist, Adam Conner, is certainly proud of the fact that FB leads the web in the global share of time spent online.  And as FB gets bigger, they are growing even faster.  Unfortunately Facebook is still banned in China despite Mark Zuckerberg's visit there last month.  Meanwhile China has Baidu and does not seem to be concerned about the ban.  Neither should Facebook be...
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    RT @L2_ThinkTank: RT@schierholz: .@profgalloway asks: Is China your biggest market or is Facebook your biggest market?#L2socialgraph
    • schierholz
      Navy norm: We get to control outcomes - we have weapons. BUT: We can't do that with social media. Great insight, @NavyNews!#L2socialgraph

  • yianniak
    Captain David Werner from@navynews speaking at#L2SocialGraph - the #navy is doing some really impressive things in #socialmedia!

    CAPT Dave Werner from the Navy Chief of Navy Information gave an interesting presentation of Navy's employment of social media for crisis communication.

    One of the landmark accomplishments of the Haiti relief effort was the resourceful and impactful use of socia media.

    Portals in the cloud such as Crisis Camp Haiti, Ushahidi and yes, Twitter were instrumental in feeding real time information from the recover teams to the decision makers, and of course to worried families and friends back home.

    We were tickled by an interesting anecdote that demonstrates the lighting-fast speed of social media as a credible information conduit.

    Just when the Navy was getting ready to brief senior leadership the USNS Comfort would be ready to take on patients from Haiti the following day, the ship sends out a tweet stating that the first patients have arrived aboard.

  • JessicaM_at_L2
    Capt. Dave Werner speaks on balancing risk management with communication in the information landscape #Navy #L2SocialGrJessicaM_at_L2 

    Last year both the Department of Defense and the Navy issued their social media guidance.  The new guidance allows for secure information sharing by allowing commanders to temporarily limit access as required to maintain operations.
  • AmandaRainsford

    Capt. David Werner of@navynews: "Social media is not about ROI. It's about ROE: Return on Engagement#L2SocialGraph

    So, is your company concerned about transparency in the social media? Perhaps their concerns pales in comparison to the national security concerns of the US Military, and the Armed Forces as a whole is performing very well in the Digital IQ rating.

  • The biggest story from the November mid terms seems to be how the Tea Party, previously a disconnected and spread out anti-government group with no headquarters has become a political force not be scoffed at.
  •  JonathanESmith
  • RT @schierholz: Advice to communicators using social media: think in terms of consumption of useful information vs output of news #L2socialgraph

    Consumption is critically important.  That's why to market your brand, you need to have a strong presence across all mediums that is constantly growing and constantly evolving.

    And if you've read this far down, you are likely a Social Media Evangelist.  In the not-to-distance future companies will begin to see your value and will be actively seeking you to manage their social media identity:

  • ageekmom
    RT @schierholz: Companies will look for evangelists to self-identify, and give them the tools to share. Sounds like #NASATweetup to me :) #L2socialgraph

    And why did self-made social media superstar Michelle Phan turn down the offer to receive all new makeups?  Because she wanted to be AUTHENTIC!

  • JessicaM_at_L2
    And engagement! RT @miniterp Authentic has been word of the day. #L2SocialGraph

    And Authenticity attracts fans...

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