Buda Pest Rap and Reflections

The Pest side of the Parliament Building (where I almost lost my viewvu camera)

Gorgeous sunset over the River Danube overlooking the Pest side (from the Intercontinental)
Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is a major cosmopolitan hub where Central Europe segue into the East. Just 20 years ago, the city and its two million people were clearly tied to the East when the Hungarian Communist Party held its reins.

Around the city, there are many vestiges of Lenins legacy. At the Hungarian Parliament building, the flag has a hole in it to commemorate how in 1956, the Hungarians revolted against the the Soviet Union.

The Hungarian Parliament Building is the seat of the National Assembly
Built to commemorate the 1000th anniversary of the nation of Hungary
Similar to the Palace of Westminster, it was built in the style of Gothic Revival
One of the most famous part of the building is the 16 sided central hall also known as the Hexadecagonal

Check out this beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary
What was once three separate cities became one in 1873
Budapest, Queen of the Danube River is a city of spas.
Everything is close together, nothing's too far.

Danube River
The River Danube is the longest in the EU
Originating from the Black Forests of Germany
It Passes through Central and Eastern Europe stretching out its arms like one big family
Before it empties its precious commodity into the majestic Black Sea

Buda Castle
Buda Castle is the historical home for many Hungarian Kings.
Built in the 14 century it has survived a few losses and many more wins
Buda Castle was the last major strongpoint of the united city
During the siege in 1945 it was held by the Axis
After the war, grand scale reconstruction took place
Now rebuilt a symbol of peace, it has changed the city landscape.

Buda Castle at night

My Goals and Refections While Running Buda Pest:

I do not want to be under bondage formulating my words to express a particular view.

I want to be able to express my opinions and develop my viewpoints based on how I see and view things.

I want to delve into and think critically about life-impacting issues that affect America and the global community.

I want to see results and listen to constructive criticism -- this is how we learn; this is how I'll grow.

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