My First Trip to Mount Vernon and the Famous Kiss

I've lived in this historical city for 6 1/2 glorious years, and I've never ventured south to Mount Vernon (Shame on me). Since I am a prospective MBA student at George Washington Univ, I felt it compulsory to visit George and Martha's beloved home on the hill.

As I rode with inner peace, I saw two men sitting on stools with an upturned crate, engrossed in a game of chess.  They didn't care about me or the hundreds that meandered by.

A flotilla of ducks swam lethargically around the local lagoon.  By the stone seawall, a few fishermen dozed in the sun.  When the weather is just perfect and the river is a tranquil blue, if your mind wasn't swept away, you weren't capable of shedding a tear.


Mount Vernon
So this afternoon after church, I decided to steal away to George and Martha's estate -- the grounds where he was raised and the final resting place before his death on December 14, 1799. (He was buried at Mount Vernon, not at Arlington National Cemetery).

One thing was obvious -- George Washington was a passionate farmer and gardener and loved animals especially his horses.

The ride was also a great idea -I was just two (before you know it, it will be here) weeks from the Ironman 70.3 at Cancun and I needed to burn some miles, kind of desperately.


The 30-mile roundtrip trek from Hains Point, where a finger of land juts out from the Tidal Basin, is paved, well marked and rather easy to navigate through. Just watch out for the kazillion bikers, runners, walkers, children, dogs and oh yeah, parts of it can get pretty bumpy because of roots coming up from underground -- just keep an eye out for it -- if you're in your aero(bars), you may want to know.

One benefit of the ride is that it stops right in the heart of Old Town. You can walk around the Torpedo Factory or get some homemade fudge or old fashioned ice cream. Part of me wanted to end the ride and stop to grab a bite to eat at Old Town. But indelible images of Cancun endured.  And I persisted.

Then you ride under the massive Woodrow_Wilson_Bridge along, the windy and trusting Potomac River to the welcome gates of Mount Vernon.


The views of the Potomac River shoreline is simply dazzling and transformational.

Out on the river, I could see a sailboat slicing through the water.  For a moment, I had transformed myself there, feeling the soft bay breeze caressing my face.  I could hear the rhythmic sound of the fresh river water gurgling against the hull.  This was music to my ears and therapy to my soul.

There's lots of people just hanging out, having a time of their lives, and if you look real close, you may even see a Sailor and his beautiful bride clutched in his arms while they kiss the day away, the wind whistling behind their backs.

As a Sailor, this romatic picture of an Officer and his Bride swept my heart away.

Sweet-16 Birthday Party -- dressed so good, it first looked like a wedding party. Along the trail, you never know what you might see.


So once I arrived at Washington's treasure trove, I pondered for a fleeting moment which path I should take. Shall I linger a little longer at Washington's treasure trove, or shall I hit the road and discover the mystery along the mighty Potomac?

Whichever road I took -- it didn't matter much.  When you slow down and smell the Morning Glories, you are enjoying life and living it to the max.

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